birmabrite mudguard repairs


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I have just aquired a front and rear flap birmabrite mudguard, the front mudguard has irregualr holes of about 3/4" (20mm) where the front number plate was originally fitted and a slight crease where the lower mudguard bracket would be.
Do any of you learned persons know where I can get an invisible repair done (because of the location) together with a little panel beating and final polishing.

Regards Ben


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Burmabrite Repair

You can consider taking a hole cutter and cutting out the damaged portion. Get some Burmabrite from a scrap mudguard and mount it betwen two blocks of wood in a lathe and turn it to the correct diameter. If you are lucky you might get it close to seamless. On the inside make a backing patch of aluminum to the correct contour and epoxy the patch in place.


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Aiy, find an old Land Rover and cut a bit of the wing to make your welding rod, Birmabright as well :D Just leave my Land Rover alone!!!!:eek: