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It's getting ready for anchor use again: Nice anchor!


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Are you building up a comet special .A friend is buying a comet that has been sitting in a garage on my road here in Evergreen for the last 14 years and has not run in all that time.


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I got an eMail with just the question "Why not tell us about Big Sid"? So in my early morning mental dullness before the coffee was made I was wondering why you wanted me to tell you about Big Sid when Sidney is so good at telling tales himself. After having some
coffee I realized you must mean Big Sid the motorcycle. Big Sid was a test bed on which I would try out different ideas and mods. Unfortunately, the pictures above were taken when I had it partially disassembled for some reason.... whatever I was changing at the time...
it is a very old picture and I had forgotten all about this piece. Thus the seat is off. Again, I forget why.
My theory on Vincents was to build dead reliable touring machines. Sidney was really into race stuff, so when I did decide to build a hot-rod just for the hell of it I called it BIG SID..... as this was his kind of bike. The purpose of the Egli was obviously not for touring.... it was to go out
on the back two lane black-top, ride as fast as you wanna, scare yourself silly and come home.
I wlll say more later about this machine as I will have to be in the right mood as it's a damn big emotion button for me which makes me want to cry.
Photo taken in John Healy's warehouse about 6 years ago.


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Steve G

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Thanks Rip. Good stuff. Please write more. Any and all tips on wrenching for reliability especially appreciated.
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