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Another good reason to join the VOC..........


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Morning All,

If you're thinking of buying a Vincent here is another good reason to join the Vincent Owners Club sooner rather than later.

If there was a Rapide for sale on ebay, then it might well sell for quite a good price.

One question to ask youself might be, why might a Vincent not have the original registration number. There are a whole range of reasons why, from the number having been sold seperately in the past and the bike re-registered (you are unlikely to get it back again) through to the bike not actually being what was originally sold as a bike, for instance maybe the engine was not originally supplied by Vincents in the frame that it now inhabits.

The club maintains records on machines, not just from the day they were produced but where possible tracing the history of individual engines and frames - which of course carry different and non-matching numbers.

So, before buying, before parting with your cash - why not spend a few pounds on membership to the club and get yourself some peace of mind that what you are thinking of buying is exactly what you have been told it is, rather than get a surprise a bit further down the line.

There are many Vincents which have been built up from parts over the years, and in many respects they are every bit as good, or better, than a machine as originally sold by the factory - but the fact remains that in these cases the engine and frame were not originally sold or registered as a pair, as an original machine, and you should know what it is that you are buying. Many people are not concerned if they don't "match", but some are and better forwarned.

It may well turn out the the bike is true, all original matching numbers and just as it left the factory - but surely better that you know now?

The club also offers a dating certificate service using production records - very often when you go to see a bike for sale the owner will have one of these - it can be a helpful part of identifying the history of the bike.

Of course, there are many other reasons to join the club too................

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