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AMANDA on eBay


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Bob Bonato had this to say

I've been watching it. Actually appears in very good condition, but I can't tell how deep the cracks in the fiberglass are? Front engine cover, seat, steering linkage, decals and bulk heads are missing. The condition of the motor is also a mystery. If you want it to run cool you need to make new bulk heads anyway and the steering linkage is also easy to remake out of SS. The seat is no real challenge either. The impossible parts like the rubber bumper, amanda badge, hull inserts, handles and grips are present. Interesting note is the flex tube that connects the exhaust manifold to the hull even appears serviceable, and believe me, its a different diameter than anything I could locate.


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Amanda still cheap

With a day and a half to go the bid price of the Amanda is still quite low. Bob, are you involved with the upcoming North American Vincent rally? I was thinking of going but my Vincent is not yet in any shape to drive nor am I. I have a nephew in Minneapolis. I was thinking of flying there and renting a car. What I am wondering is, what would I do at a Vincent rally without a Vincent? I was also thinking of bidding on the Amanda and driving down from Minneapolis to pick it up. If my nephew has storage space at his place until I can figure out a way to move it from there to NY. If I did that, I would, of course bring the Amanda to the rally. I'm sure that a few people there would find it interesting.

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