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Amal TT


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My Comet currently has a Mk.II Concentric carb, which works fine, but doesn't particularly look good. I also have a 1 1/16" TT carb that I was thinking about using instead.
The Comet has a 9:1 piston and Mk.2 cams; would the TT work okay? I would like to hear your thoughts and recommendations. What size jets should I start with ?

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depends what you want Paul - if you want the bike to look good and perhaps go well flat out, go for the TT - if you want a tractable smooth pleasant to ride bike i'd stick with the concentric - my twin was transformed when i put a new set of mkII's on it - would never go back.

main problem is that the majority of old carbs are 'old' - with worn body/slide etc - to recon them costs a fortune and you probably could get this done and be satisfied with the results once you got the jetting sorted out but whether its worth it is up to you.


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I like TT carbs very much and think they perform better than most carbs. But like all these early carbs, they do tend to drip petrol especially after flooding when starting. Also there is no throttle stop, so they don't have a tickover position. There is one real advantage with the Mk2, there is no need to tickle the thing just use the choke. Maybe it's my age but modern petrol stinks - so I'd stick with the Mk2 !

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