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8'' headlamp shell

Ray Bear

Forum Website User
Non-VOC Member
Hello all, I have just recieved in the mail a second hand 8'' headlamp shell & lens that I believe to be genuine to replace the 6 1/2'' on my 47 Rapide however am puzzled as to the left of the ampmeter hole is a 9/16 hole with a 1/16th hole adjacent to it and appears to look like it may have been for a high beam warning lamp with the smaller hole to secure the lamp by the use of a small screw. The two holes at the lower portion of the shell for the wiring to enter have been pressed with the excess metal rolled or turned in proffesionally similar to my 6 1/2 shell but the two at the top appear to have been drilled or punched with no excess metal remaining to be rolled in but very well done .I have not seen this before and not sure if the shell is for another make like Velo etc or if its just some individuals idea for whatever reason. Im not sure wether to have the holes welded & repaint or to find a nice high beam warning lamp that fits. If its Vincent then I will need to source whatever lived in the hole.

Secondly the 8'' flat fluted lens i have recieved has Lucas in the very edge of the glass in small print and I thought they were Miller ??? My lens looks the same as on page 45 of Bickerstaffs original Vincent motorcycle,, Hope someone can shed some light on this...Thanks Bill


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The extra holes in the top sounds like they would be for a toggle switch. The 9/16" for the switch barrel, the small 1/16th for the locating tab so it didn't rotated. Not there on a Vincent light so maybe it has been added later.

Garth Robinson

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VOC Member
Don't know what the holes are for,but I bought several of the 8 inch shells brand new years ago and some had the holes,some didn't.I thought it might have been for an ignition warning light.I think some Miller headlight switches had a position for 'ign.'


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The 8" flat lens would be for a pre-war machine. Post war 8" lenses were curved. The shell may also be pre-war. Not sure what the differences are between pre and post war shells but the rims were "flat and stepped" pre war but curved on the post war ones. I have fitted a flat "Butler" 8" lens to my "A" and after grinding a small tab from the perimeter of the lens it is a perfect fit and I challenge anyone to pick it from an original. The "A" twins had Lucas lights didn't they?

chankly bore

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Non-VOC Member
Some pre- and post-war Velocettes had an ignition light like a red hexagonal button fitted as you describe,located with a brass rivet. I believe they also had a resistance circuit in the headlamp switch, but I'm going back 40 years and my memory is as dim as the Velo. lights were!
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