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2 Front Heads - Rear Manifold Question


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Non-VOC Member
If anyone has a twin fitted with 2 front heads and 289's, can they tell me which manifold they are using for the rear carb?

Mine has an ET32 which places the carb top so close to the back of the UFM that the previous owner has fitted cables without adjusters in the carb top in order to get a reasonable bend on the cable.. This makes it somewhat difficult for me to synchronise the carbs!



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I have a series D and it has an ET32 /19 on the rear carb
But I don't think that it will take a 289 as it is flanged, not clip fitting. Perhaps the flange could be machined off but it may be easier to convert ET32/22 to clip fitting as it doesn't have a flange but may be too large a diameter for the 289 clip.

roy the mechanic

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I found similar agravation on my norvin. My answer was to fabricate one to suit my requirements. The local lazer cutters made the flanges, I made the "tubes" from a peice of stainless car exhaust pipe and my pal tig welded it all together. Have a go, it won't cost a fortune, and the reward is no one else has one like it!


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I think Roy's solution is the best. I suspect that you can turn the flange off a stock one and you will be fine.

There is a spigot manifold for a front head on the rear for the Lightning, but I am not sure of the number. Usually made in both steel and aluminum, but probably harder to find than a TIG weldor. Steel is good for a flange, but usually aluminum is better for a spigot because you have to neck the OD down to make the spigot. You might be able to turn a tube down to the right dimensions, cut the flange of a stock manifold and weld the tube with the spigot on. The deciding factor is where you want the carb to have its final resting place.


Chris Launders

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I made a pair like Roy's also in stainless for my Norvin which has Mikuni,s and my twin with two front heads and concentrics were made in steel by a previous owner.

Brian Thompson

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Not wanting to be picky , But can we see some photo's? As I'm about to start doing this sort of stuff and pictures will help me immensely.
Just my cents worth.
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