1. A_HRD

    Main Bearings Clearances for Series A Singles and Twins

    Post-war Vincents are generally accepted as needing C3 fit main bearings so as to allow for the radial clamping action of the crankcase on the bearing outer ring - causing a slight tightening of the bearing clearances. The C3 looser fit takes this into account and minimises the chance of early...
  2. A_HRD

    Refurbishing Rev-Counter Drive Gearbox (ATD Cover end)

    At the Annual Rally I paid good money for a BG1507/02 Rev-counter drive to use on my Twin. That's the one with 2 ball-races to support the input shaft. When I stripped it, it was in awful condition having clearly been full of water for years. The bearings were badly pitted and the balls that...