1. Martyn Goodwin

    E: Engine Amal Mk1 Premier Carb - Float Level

    Any opinions on what is the correct float level with a Amal Mk1 Premier concentric fitted with the 'new' stay up float and how to set it? I tried setting it with the top of the float 0.080 below the top edge of the float bowl but the problem us that the top of the float is NOT level. With the...
  2. mirkothun

    E: Engine Comet not running

    Hi Comet specialists, my Comet motor in the Metisse has started missfiring after a 30 km ride and cuts out. I pushed home. In kicking again it started but doesn’t take any good throttle and gets off again with no chance to start again. I checked the carb, seems to be ok, but I‘m no mechanic...