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Your first photo of you on a vincent


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Haven't got a photo of me ON a Vincent, but here I am with my sisters in 1953 NEXT to Dad's C Rapide - you can see the nose of the sidecar he designed and built himself. On the way to Cornwall I would stand with my head in the slipstream with the sidecar's canvas roof rolled back, wearing an old pair of Dad's goggles. Saw 93 mph on the clock across Bodmin Moor too - dad didn't hang about !!


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My son's first picture on a Vincent. I was 26 the first time I sat on a Vin, and not as cute (He's inherited my lack of hair, and he plays Rugby now).


ps How do we make photos bigger?

jon on comet.jpg
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My first motorbike (actually a 50cc moped), but it was mine. And impounded by the police because I was only 12 years old. Had the thing already for years...
The other one is my first Vincent, and the first time I started it myself in front of the house. The tank breather pipe A69 was not present and not blocked, so it was an oily business. As new Vin-owner it took me a while to find out what was happening! And yes, I knew it was not a Grey Flash...
Between those two motorised moments a lot of bikes and sidecars passed my hands...



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I always put them on photobucket then post them here using the URL !!

May I bring your attention to Rule 1 in the Forum Rules :-
All posts must be written in English.

Photobucket? URL?

I think it's easier for me to put them in the photos section with a link. :)



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Here's simple start for you Howard on computer terminology:
State-of-the-art -
Any computer you can't afford.

Obsolete -
Any computer you own.

Microsecond -
The time it takes for your state-of-the-art computer to become obsolete.

What your computer becomes after spilling your coffee on it.
(Pronounced "gooey").

Keyboard -
The standard way to generate computer errors.

Mouse -
An advanced input device to make computer errors easier to generate.

Portable Computer -
A device invented to force businessmen to work at home,
On vacation, and on business trips.

Disk Crash -
A typical computer response to any critical dead-line.

System Update -
A quick method of trashing ALL of your software.

Bill Thomas

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There you are Howard, All you have to do is put them in the Bucket !! Anyway if you put them in the photo section I can't download them, Well I can but it takes me hours and i forget how I did it !! Cheers Bill.


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I think I've got it now. I put them in a bucket and give them to Earl (spelt Url in Kent apparently). Does Earl give them to Graham Smith, and how does he make them bigger? It's all very confusing. ;)



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I'll try and make it easier for you :

640K barrier: the finish line in a mega-marathon
access time: foreplay

analog: what Ana tosses into the fire

assembly language: put tab A into slot B, then put tab C...

audit trail: what the IRS does

Bandwidth: limited by the size of the stage

Battery Backup: going in reverse in a golf cart

BBS: t-telling t-tall s-stories

benchmark: what happens when your saw hits the bench

broadband: an all female rock group

cache memory: remembering how much you spent

carrier detect: "I see the mail man!"

CASE: 24 bottles

Control Character: prison guard

conventional memory: remembering what you did at COMDEX

copy protection: wearing a rubber

copyright: vs. copy wrong

cursor: a garbage mouth

daisy chain: a dog's leash

DAT: the opposite of DIS

deadly embrace: making love to King Kong

delimiter: some who says, "Stop, that's enough"

density: how to measure IQs of blondes

dhrystones: the stones that were tossed out of the water

DIP switch: how my sister gets a new boy friend

dot pitch: "Dorothy winds ups, and delivers a knuckle ball"

EBCDIC: similar to herpes

EMS: happens just before PMS

end user: a prisoner's cell mate

escape sequence: Distract guard. Dig tunnel. Cut throw fence...

Ethernet: used to catch Ether

fixed disk: a broken disk that comes back from the shop

flash EPROM: what they have on 90210

flat bed scanner: a hooker looking for loose change

flat file: a file with all the air out of it

full duplex: a 2-family house with 16 occupants

groupware: clothes swapping

hacker: a heavy smoker

half-height drive: a midget's sexual capacity

hand scanner: singles bar prowler looking for wedding rings

heap: what I drive

high density diskette: a very stupid floppy

home computer: what you tell your computer when it follows you

hypertext: text on amphetamines

ink jet: a plan used for sky writing

integrated circuit: a circuit with black & white components

joystick: (requires little explanation)

local bus: stops at every intersection

lost chains: euphoria experienced by the recently divorced

low-level language: for basement programmers

high-level language: for penthouse programmers

machine dependency: an affliction of machine users

mag tape: tape used on the wheels of cars

mainframe: akin to "main squeeze"

main memory: remembering where the water line is

math coprocessor: the person you cheated from in math class

megaflop: the worst play you ever saw

minicomputer: the pier to Mickey's computer

modem: what the gardener did to the lawns

multi-sync: can be sunk more than once

native mode: head hunting

on-line: where the birds sit

overlay: chickens making too many eggs

pentium: the thing that swings back-and-forth on a clock

plotter: a deceitful person

postscript: grafitti on a pole

protected memory: remembering to wear a condom

record locking: what you do to your Beatle White Album

right justified: vs. wrongly justified

software piracy: stealing a ship's program

spreadsheet: a hooker's foreplay

streaming tape: party decorations

subroutine: not quite routine

surge protector: a condom

token ring: a group of people passing the bong

trackball: what sprinters and runners often get

twisted pair: tubes tied

word wrap: black music

worksheet: a prostitutes office

Ymodem: because, modem
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