Wire harness use on Brampton forks - 47 B Rapide


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I have a set of Bramptons I am fitting to a B Rapide, replacing a Girdraulic set, and i am having issues with the spring being poised to eat the wire harness routed beside the Brampton spring. So questions i need advice on are -
1. How do you route and secure the wire harness, running down the left side of steering head and UFM, to avoid the spring from nipping the harness rubber sleeving?
2. Are there photos available of period Vincent to answer my concerns?

I am most concerned to learn what was done in 1947, rather than another modern solution.
Also, while i think of it, the horn wire, for 1947, does not appear to be black, rather a medium grey in the period B&W photos, but it could actually be a color?
Thanks for any help on this


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G'day Craig,
On my B the harness clears the spring well. The harness needs enough slack in it to allow it to easily clear the spring. Bend the harness sharply where it exits the headlight then again where it curves around the spring. I have found that the copper in the harness will take a set and stay there. But like I said previously, it must have enough slack to allow the set to stay there and not be pulled straight.



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To ensure enough slack, I used a P clamp and fastened the wire harness to the left side of UFM