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Winton Historic Racing, May 2021 Luis Gallur


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I wonder if adding 2 fuel pumps would help… assuming they don’t already have them. The standard float needle (at least the ones I’m familiar with) in small Honda carbs will handle 4.5 to 5 psi easily ( stock) and higher if necessary. I have a couple of Ducati vacuum operated fuel pumps in my “ some day I might use that” pile in the shed. No idea what sort of volume they will push. They are small and light, but the vacuum part might be an issue?


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The Picador engine used fuel injection but that was intended to run at full power so intermediate engine speed setting would probably not have been critical.
I had a 1971 Triumph TR6 sports car that used mechanical fuel injection that worked very well. It did however use an electric pump to provide the pressure.
Electronic fuel injection is used on virtually all new engines but probably wouldn't fit in with the rules of most racing classes.

Bill Thomas

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Would "Wal Phillips " Fuel injectors be Ok for racing ?,
No Float Chamber, So no Frothing ??.

I once bought the TR6 injection system, Thought I could put it on a Twin !!,
Always been a Dreamer,
But too much weight and to complicated,
I say keep it simple, One of those Horner Bikes went up in a " Ball Of flames ",
On a bit of film I saw, We don't want that !.


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Hard to know without some detail… is it aerating (frothing) or just sucking air because the flow is insufficient? Didn’t they run it on alcohol previousy… if so, you’d think there would have been more of a tendency starve then. Just a guess… (it’s all just guessing) are the float bowls reproductions? Maybe they don’t flow like some (eg 32mm TT) that were intended to work on alcohol and had larger fuel fittings. Larger fittings… 2 float bowls per carb…. one bowl gravity fed and the other supplied by a vacuum pump? Interesting stuff, but I should stick with my strong suit, with appears to be covering my garage floor with shavings.

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