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Winter blues work out in the Garage..


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Just had to talk Vin somewhere.....

All I have to blab about really is my freshly rebuilt speedo via Mark Bohman all derusted and shiny back up on the top of my forks where it belongs....Man does that piece look good....I finally can reset the odo with out taking it apart!!!!:)

I also finally received all the reflector and lens bits from Hella and a custom relay kit from Japan as well as the 6 Volt Halogen head light and halogen marker light from Paul in the UK to hopefully upgrade the Shadow's head light to the best lighting a 6 volt system can deliver. (fingers crossed) The Relay kit should take the load off of the miller switch and run the bulk of the current though the low resistance SS relays and wiring for the high and low beam toggling. In the end I should get more and cleaner power to the bulb with much less resistance in the wiring and switch. This will only require the POS miller switch to deal with mA for the relays...Good for the switch good for the visibility. The hella 7 inch reflector and the hella lens are all designed around the quartz halogen bulb so I am pretty sure it will be at least better then the OEM system. I did all of this crap to my /5 BMW with very good results. Still I will miss the nice original Miller lens though, as the Hella is flat and the miller has a nice round nose like a bullet!,,,Oh well, I can always just swap it back if I miss it enough....

I have convinced www.hyperlites.com to manufacture a set of 6Vdc Red high intensity rear marker and flashing LED light sets in the hope of providing increased visibility while riding at night with the marker lights and what I hope to be a stunning visual light show of flashing, not to be ignored, LEDs when I hit the rear brake...With the VOC Spares LED pack in the stockish miller repro housing and the aux Hyper-lights the cagers can still say they did not see me but it will not be for a lack of trying....Man I hate cagers...;-(

Lastly I finally broke down and bought a new main drive chain as the 60 year old stock one while compliant and functional, it can not be relied upon to haul my butt around the county...So that will have to get swapped out....I am sticking with a non-oring chain and stock sprockets, and will just stop and oil the thing every 200 or so miles. Heck that is only 4 times a day! lol


That’s all for now...I have to dream up more crap to do to my poor shadow..

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