Wilf Owens RIP

Tracey Tilley

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Trevor just e mailed with the sad news that Wilf passed away this afternoon.

The South Wales Section would like to send our condolences.
It is a great loss to the club and we will miss him.

Tracey & Chris.


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Sad news indeed, the world will be a greyer place without Wilf.
He was one of lifes characters.
I remember someone saying to Wilf at a rally once "Are you THE Wilf Owens?". We pulled his leg about it at the time. On reflection, the chap was probably right, there will only ever be one Wilf.
He will be sorely missed.
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We where shocked about the sudden death of Wilf Owens. Just a week ago he reported about the color of his black Shadow.
We will miss him at the Rally,s.

Prince Duster

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Wilf Owens

Wilf really was a serious Vincent rider - he did 330,000 miles on his Shadow, mostly abroad.

But he was never an over-serious man. He was quiet, witty, dry, humane.

He will be greatly missed. And never replaced.


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Wilfs' Funeral arrangements.

Please find a message from Trev regarding the funeral arrangements.

Allo Everyone.
We will be giving Wilf a good send off on Monday 21st of May at the the Buckley Cross Methodist Church at 10:00 AM.
Then to Pentre Bychan Crematorium for 11:00 am. We will then return to the Windmill Grill for a Buffet, those who do not wish to go to the Crematorium are welcome to wait at the Windmill, Tea & Coffee will be served until we get back from the Crematorium
Donations in lieu of flowers to Buckley Cross Methodist Church and the Samaritan Ward Intensive Care Unit.
There is some parking at the rear of the Windmill, and plenty of parking behind the Precinct opposite Somerfields. (3 min walk to the Church and the Windmill). Free parking in Buckley.
Both Venues are close to the Traffic lights on Buckley Cross.



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I had the pleasure of meeting him at a rally a number of years back, I had only just joined the VOC that year and popped into a meeting in while I was on a caravan holiday with my family, a lovely man, a sad loss,
My sincere condolences to his family.