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which Torque on headscrews?


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Dear all,
does anybody know how high the torque for the headscrews ET56 and FT 161 are?
Is 100 Nm correct?

Thanks Lenni
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stumpy lord

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Not more than 30 foot lbs on the head nuts, unless of course you want to crush the heads, the ft161 are lock nuts and do need to be tight. what I do is hold the bottom nut with a spanner, and using annother one pull the top nut down tight against the lower nut.


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Hi Stumpy,
thanks for your answer. If I calculate right: 1 foot equals 0,3048m
1 lbs equals 4,53 N (Newton)
So 30 foot lbs equals 41,42 Nm. That is in my point of vieuw handtight.
Or is there something wrong in my calculation?



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I thought that was Series B with hollow spindles?

The Riders Handbook says 30/35 but this covers B's which had hollow spindles does it not? - I've spoken to engine builders (not mine I hasten to add) who say anywhere between 40 and 45 for a Series C is fine.


O.k. 40 Nm is the best. Above is just fix the hb an locknut!


Comet Rider

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After running in

Hi all,
I did 40 Nm now. Thanks for your help.


Hi Lenni,
Do not forget to check and re-torque the head bolts after around 150 kM as everything will settle during use. If you hav access to an open ended adapter for your torques wrench this makes things much easier.

Good luck

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