Sat-Navs Which Sat-Nav?

Pete Appleton

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I bought the traffic gizmo to go with my '660. The good thing is that there is no annual subscription. The thing about the traffic master is that you don't realise when it has worked. You get taken on a route that isn't where you were expecting to go and don't get stuck in a traffic jam. So did it work ok and save you hours in a traffic jam or did it take you on a wild goose chase for no reason? You don't know. What I can tell you is that I have seen it insist that the road ahead is blocked when I could see that it wasn't. The other failing, and I think that it may be deliberate, is that it doesn't seem to register the congestion in the roadworks on the northern section of the M25. Is this done to prevent everyone attempting to bypass the roadworks and causing chaos in the surrounding roads or is it because the roadworks have removed the sensors?

For all of these reasons, I still use it but with a large amount of mistrust.

Alan J

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Judy has a Garmin-I know nothing about it as it sits in the sidecar with her-but we have not got lost yet! Vincent rides 12 [without "the pram"], but with all this new found compression it is a b----r to start!