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where to put badges on fuel tank


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Dear all,

I have to put new colour on my comet fuel tank (1954). Is there any manuel where I can see exactly where to put the transfers and where the trim line should be?

Best Regards,
Peter Kohl, Mainz, Germany

roy the mechanic

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tank transers

I would reccomend Jacqelin Bickerstaffe's book Original Vincent. Just been reprinted. I would give the isbn number but lent it to a mate, restoring his comet. Good luck, roy.


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Or do what some folks believe happened.....

You could always just stick them where you like (roughly right, precisely wrong), there's a lot of debate about it but quite some evidence to suggest that there were many different location varieties chosen depending on the day of week, the choice of workman and whether the pub had run out of ale at lunchtime................on the basis that you can't see both sides at the same time you could even be relaxed about that variation too........;)

Oh - and I'd recommend re-joining the club too - complete unfettered access to this Forum and 12 full colour magazines a year is surely a good enough incentive.


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