When can I turn blue


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I know everything is done by hand but have been waiting since 19th of May, How is the backlog coming along? M


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Just before you turn red going purple quench then the silver steel will be at a good hardness hope this answers your query
dipping in oil is better than water,
whoops wrong answer.

dave taylor

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i cant get to be on the blue list

hi there its OSSIE here i am round dave taylors trying to get him logged in,
everything i do is just rejected anyone out there who can help?????


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Iris?? that's not my middle name.
when we fill in the boxes.

membership no.

it comes back wrong postcode.

they.ve been there a long time.

I wrote down your list of things to do Graham and copied them exactly.
but it still rejected any attempt.


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Can I go blue now too please?
... only been waiting a week or two but i'm in need of exploring the deeper recesses ...