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wheel details

Nigel Doe

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Non-VOC Member
I'd like to offer my thanks to the various contributors, greatly appreciated. I think that I have gained enough information to be comfortable with my tick-list of black hubs, spoke carriers and spokes (9-gauge), plain chromed rims and chomed/nickel nipples (brass).

Yes, those earlier pictures were deceptive with the 'shiny dimples', perhaps a good illustration of dark-field v. bright-field lighting.

Moon landings? That made me smile. Hmm, that's an extremely long, and an extremely curious off-topic!!

Nigel Doe

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I checked with Central Wheels and they offer two black-spoke options, black chrome or chemically-blacked. They most helpfully provided the following additional information:

The Chemical blacking process involves immersion of the spokes in hot Sulphuric Acid. This process is used on all the Moto X Spoked wheels as used on KTM & other motorcycles.

The process is very good because of its durability - the finish is satin/matt not gloss like Black Chromed spokes.

Therefore there is the option for a sparkly black finish or perhaps a more sober 1930s look, as preference dictates. I'll probably get a couple of spokes in before making my selection.

I also contacted Devon Rims to be told that they only offer stainless spokes.


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Well the ones I got are more of a glossy/satin finish than super glossy, I haven't had any for a year or so but I asked for satin black chrome when I ordered them.

Nigel Doe

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Hats off to Central Wheels who have very kindly sent me samples of three (!) black spoke types they offer, chemical black, black chrome, and powder coated. According to my eyes the chemical black version is more of an extremely dark grey (but black to all intents and purposes) , let's say 95% black depth and has something around 50% level of sheen. The finish is probably very durable owing to the spoke being stainless. The black chrome is a full (100%) black and has something around 75% sheen level. The powder-coated spoke is again a full black but is close to a full gloss (also limited to head angles of less than 40 degrees).

Each to their own, according to tastes.


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Hi Nigel,

Which spoke finish did you decide and could you post pictures of the three different spokes.