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I am about to have a go at rebuilding a wheel for the Comet (not at all bored at work!). I have taken all measurements etc (I think). Does anyone have any advice on the subject. ie. What sort of tension should the spokes be under? etc etc. There seems to be very little in 40 years on, another 10 years and the like. I know I will need to make up some Vee blocks and a fixed pointer of some description.


tim welsh

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Rebuilt my comet wheels a while ago- first i'd done. No real problems. Have a look at MPH 640 p13 for the Profs method which I followed. Also MPH705 p23 for possible problems with the cross 4 pattern, and 10 years on p26 &27.
Make some sketches first, and I found putting the axle in a vice, and working with the wheel horizontal, with a dial gauge for settings (as Profs article) easiest. Offset is equal, and aim for 10 thou.runout max.
Good luck!


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If you are using stainless rims they sometimes have a dip in them where they are welded. Apparently,cos' I never thought how they make rims,the rim is rolled circular and welded.A dial guage will show up where the weld is and give a 'false out of true' reading. I was told this by Alf Hagon Wheels..John