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Whats it worth ?


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Can any body give me an idea of the value of a 1950 Rapide series C all correct matching numbers,and the best place to sell.
It is 95-97 percent all there, 90-95 original , a few parts I have taken of to clean, I have not had it running but it turns over (good compession) but clutch slips.I have bought a few parts k/spring (fitted),fork spindles bushes etc.
At the moment I can not afford to restore it and have started to lose interest, so I am considering putting it up for sale, but have no idea at what price to start.
Any ideas on the best place to sell and value.
Thanks in advance if you reply with any information

Graham Smith

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Rapide for Sale...

Hi Bighair

Before advertising your Rapide for sale, you may find an interesting letter published on page 34 of the June edition of MPH 701 (due to arrive with you on 1st June 2007).


Graham Smith
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dave g6xnc

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shadow sale

I hjave just read the account of "non payment" in MPH, why was the debter
not named? it seems to me that this scam could go on and on just look at the amount of cash involved. Providing that this was a true acciount ( no reason to think other wise) the offender would have no recourse to any legal action surely. At the monet every one will be worried about selling or even letting a fellow member go for a test ride. So people don't part with your machine even from a member with out the cash in your hand.
New shadow;
How can this possibly be sold as "new" when absolutly no guarantee's
offered! this does not say much for the companies faith in the quality of the spares now produced does it?. Surely if offered as a "new" bike this must be suitable for the purpose to which it was sold, so surely the buyer would be able to make a legal claim if it went pop at a low milage, and why take off the indicators ? surely an essental for modern road traffic conditions.


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Hi would the chap who sent me an e-mail from the states please get in contact again I or the other half seem to have deleted your message.


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:)Hello Bighair,just to add my tuppence worth.Recently a dismantled twin was sold by H+H for £13000,and was minus a crankshaft so yours should be worth more( as i`m after a cheap one,i shouldn`t be saying that).As long as you do the sale sensibly,ie don`t part with the bike til you have been paid no matter who the purchaser is,you should have no problem.Floggers corner would give prospective owners the first chance,and not everyone is like the person in MPH this month,and personally i think they should be named and shamed and removed from the club.Have you considered using an auctioneers such as Bonhams,you could set a reasonable reserve.
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1950 Series C Rapide - what't it worth


Having found the actual machine that was in my family in the 1970's I have just repatriated a 1952 Series C Rapide from Australia and, as part of that process, had to provide documentary evidence on value to support my claim NOT to have to pay 17.5% VAT on bringing her home to the UK.

The simple answer is, "what someone is prepared to pay for it".

Usually the simplest way of finding that out is to put it in a good auction (time, date, marketing, auctioneer etc) and hope that there will be two people on the day who want it and that will find the price, one drops out and one buys it.

However, you'll pay thick end of 20% for the services of the auctioneer. So if you can work out what it is likely to sell for, then you can afford to take a 10% drop off that number, and the guy buying it gets a 10% discount off what it would cost him at auction - both happy.

The challenge with auction prices is that people look at them and think what they have is worth the same, sometimes they miss the fact that the auction bike has had thousands spent on an engine rebuild with all invoices present - and that is quite different to having a well worn machine with no history and goodness knows what inside the engine to find when you open it up.

If you'd like to e-mail me seperately at metcalfe_stuart@hotmail.com I'll happily share with you the research paperwork I submitted to Customs and Excise that seeks to give a value range, and I'll tell you what I paid for mine three months ago.

Best of luck and regards



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Lots of sound advise and personal experience,views.
Thanks to all who have read and those who left answers and replies,anymore help is welcome.
I am certain from what I have read so far on this site and elsewhere that Auctions however good do charge well for their services,So as was suggested privately both parties win.
Maybe sealed offers is a way to go ? Anybody done that or bought using that type of buying or selling ?
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