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What oil to put in the gearbox?


Relative to oil in twin gearboxes, paint your dip stick with matt black paint and you'll be able to see the level perfectly.

Tnecniv Edipar

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Can't find any info on that. Anyway , my personal philosophy concerning oil is that good quality oil of the appropriate specification is a whole lot cheaper than an engine or gearbox rebuild !! One of my favourite brands for quality product at a competative price is Morris. They have classic monogrades and transmission oils available as well as contemporary specs.


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Hi Rock Oil do a sythetic 75/90 EP oil.
I have used it in all of my bikes and find it very good.
No gear change issues summer or winter.

Marcus Bowden

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All ways had oil loss from G/box but never serious as it only ever took 1/4 to 1/2 cup to top up, so silver soldered a length of Bowden cable to end of dip stick (60 mm approx I think)to bottom of box, checking level it is always 1/16"to 1/8" below d/stick end. Changed oil mid 80's to synthetic Mobil SHC 130 (or 30, don't recall) as so impressed with results used in worm & crown wheel drives of Purifiers (Centrifuges) from an old Mobil gear oil where we changed steel worm shaft and bronze crown wheel every 4 to 6 month continual operation synthetic SHC would go two years or more changing oil every six months when one saw it with bronze colour. Virtually transparent.
Changed G/B bearings ever time changed B/E up till going to sea and that was three times in four years (Alpha crap} till Proff Higgins found problem with B/E cages on the slant!). 300k since and changed 2010 after 200k, never changed a cog / gear bushes once. With an industrial Dremal put positive rake on gear dogs once so they hold into gear.
Use floppy end of d/stick to check oil level in Altons have three on various bikes with double speed gearing, never a failing of gear or windings as use most of all power generated. Told Alton boys Herve & Paul didn't like their grease system which has failed them miserably, now full circle with off set windings and straight through drive.
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