What oil do you put in your chaincase?

Tom Gaynor

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I use ATF, in the hope that it would reduce the tendency of my (fully wet) V3 clutch to have the plates stick together overnight. It hasn't, but having used it in gearboxes for years, thought it was probably OK for chains etc. So far, so good. However there are a bewildering variety of ATF fluids around now, has anyone any idea what is best? Or at least, doesn't eat bearings, like EP90 GL5.........


I use SAE 15 fork oil (ROC OIL). I buy it from the Yamaha shop in Aberdeen which always has it in stock.

Comet Rider

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Hi Tom,

Whilst I know we don't ride twins, both dad and I have gone over to using Mobil1 (0W 40W) which seems to have cured all dragging or cold crunching problems.