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What I bought from the swap meet today and what I didn't buy

Brian Thompson

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Hello ,
I bought an original Vincent Riders Handbook with a Comet's ID numbers inside. $50
And a signed copy of Motorcycle Technicalities.$50 Only concern I have is I don't doubt the owner as I have previously seen a photo of Phil with this person's Father. But the signature date is 10/4/82. The book being published in 1983. But on further searching of the net. I found other copies for sale ,but they have a green cover(border) and this copy has a black border. I'm hoping it's a genuine autograph. Still a good read anyway.
BUT ,he had a carb there for sale also.The id numbers being for a front carb off a Black Shadow.He gave me an ID chart that shows the numbers 229E/IDV. It's brass and the slide obviously shows sign's of wear.And also has those ID marks on it.Now before you all start sending me nasty e-mails. I didn't buy it. Should I? And at what amount should I pay? I don't have a use for it. And maybe it was fitted to a Comet. The listing chart he gave me only goes to 1954.
I might still be able to purchase it. As I work with the son of the seller. I only found that out after I bought the books. If only I had waited another hour till his son turned up. Never mind. Now, What do I do about the carb?


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Buy a new one

I bought a new TT carb cannot belive the improvment over what I thought was a reasonable old one


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I bought my copy of Motorcycle Technicalities in 1983, it has the black border, and Phil Irving personally signed mine for me on 18.5.1985. Phil also dated his signature as I believe he usually did. He signed my book Phil Irving but he signed my Black Shadow printed bar mirror P.E. Irving and also dated it 18.5.1985. Damian
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