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What grease to use in the Vincent


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Any thoughts on what to load my grease gun with (and where to buy it from) before connecting it to the various grease points around the forks and RFM?




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Hello, Castrol CL, is good for exposed bearings, as it will not wash off, as most grease does. It is formulated to work under water.
Found to be very good in RFM bearing, and head stock, I use it for everything
except wheel bearings.


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Packing grease,

EMG Stevens KTB recommended Shell AM grease for packing the spring boxes.
It no longer seems to exist.

From this thread it looks like Castrol LM or CL would be up to the job.

Would CL would be better on the grounds that it wouldnt run out if water got in - if one didnt use the Bantam gaiters BlackLightning998 dislikes ?

stumpy lord

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As most machines are now running stainless steel fork spindles and eccentrics,I would be inclined to use either a moly grease or a fully synthetic grease, to prevent the spindles picking up. A general purpose grease is o.k for all the other places.
Of course if you want your spindles to last for ever, you could always fit nylon bushes in your forks.
cheers norm.:D

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