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Amanda Water Scooter What engine is in this Amanda?


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Attached photos of two Amanda water scooters of what year? The red Amanda has a single cylinder vertical two-stroke Vincent Industrial engine and it turns over. The green one has a single cylinder horizontal two-stroke engine with spark! I would like to find out more information. I could not see any castings and it has a more robust rope starter. Also interested in how the carburetor functions since it it opposite of the cylinder head. Check out the pipe fitting exhaust. Dang, people must have been smaller in 1950's...P1140045.JPGP1140076.JPGP1140070.JPGP1140079.JPG
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Does this look close to it? Not the same model, but the same make? This is a Power Products engine.
Screen Shot 2019-01-15 at 22.29.19.png


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I believe this is an Amanda 100cc engine. It has been modified by someone for a go kart at some stage. The petrol tank is a J.A.P. item. The cowl is missing. The start "rope" is wire cable.

Josh Smith

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The T07AUM/10F:
T for two stroke
07 for 70cc
M for marine

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