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What Distributor is this?


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100_0769(1).jpg100_0770(1).jpg Can some one identify this distributor fitted to a Vincent Twin? It doesn't have the cap secured by the usual flat leaf spring clips but rather wire clips that swing tangentially to engage half circle buttons on the cap. Inside as can be seen it has two sets of points wired together. I need to know what it is off so that I can source some points for it.


Simon Dinsdale

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I recognise that. I have one fitted to my Rapide. It is a ignition unit made by Kirby Rowbotham ignition systems in the late 1980's to mid 1990's. From my records the points are:

Top set of points (in your photo): Intermotor Contact Set 22700. Replaces Bosch or Lucas DSB432.
Bottom set of points: Intermotor Contact Set 22110. Replaces Bosch or Lucas DSB436 or Motocraft EDP38.

Still running mine and it runs great. Only mod I have done to it is to remove the distributor cap and rotor and fit a blanking cover. Done this as I am now running twin plug heads so use 2 x twin output coils. I also fitted a small bracket that holds a piece of oil soaked felt against the cam to give the points heal a bit of lubrication. Reduces wear on the heal.

As far as I can remember the distributor cap and rotor were off Citroen 2CV. The rotor having an extension soldered on to allow for the cylinders not been 180 degrees apart.

Hope that helps

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roy the mechanic

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Looks like Mr Rowbothams work, got one on my t 100 triumph, the second set of points can be adjusted to get BOTH cylinders timing 100% correct, eat your heart out, J Lucas! Vin 998 got the part numbers too.
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