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What Benefits of the Vincent Owners Club?


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Non-VOC Member

I've just bought a 1951 Rapide (my first ever Vincent).

I'm not a Member of the Vincent Owners Club yet, and have come across this site by accident?

What benefits are there in joining, bearing in mind it's unlikely I'll go to any rallies?

Isn't the VOC just full of old people?

I'd appreciate any information.

Thanks - Bill

Debbie Kemp

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VOC Member
Welcome to the family!

Hi Bill,
No, the VOC isn't just full of old people....some of us are still young - but then it depends what your definition of young is I guess. Does 32 still count as young these days???:(

It is a shame you don't intend to join the rally scene but the VOC is still a great club to be a part of. The people are great (most of the time:D) and there is always someone willing to help out a fellow member if you are in need of advice or assistance. The technical know-how alone makes club membership worth every penny. In fact, you are lucky enough to a have a great bunch of people nearby who I am sure would gladly welcome you into their section. Even without rallies, there are lots of evening and lunchtime events for you to get involved in, plus of course you will get the delights of a glossy club journal every month and access to all the pages on this website that you don't get to see as a non-member :)

Fill in your form and join us.....we don't bite:)
Old Farts!

Comet-trike is right Bill, we are NOT all old farts. I am only 43, own a Shadow and love to ride it.
Take a look at the South Wales site to see if you can make it to our rally this weekend at Newport.



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VOC Member
I have to give a moment to encourage you in your recent Vincent ownership, and one of the elements of that is joining the VOC. I am from the attitude, to paraphrase Woody Allen, that I would never join a club that would have me as a member. But there is something special about the people that are passionate about these special machines.
There used to be an advertisement about another finely crafted object that states that you do not really own it, but just take care of it for the next generation. Well, my friend, you are the next generation. You will require parts, advice, tips, shortcuts, a helping hand, and once in a while, a ride home to pick up the van to go fetch the old girl.
The club is full of knowledgable folk that are extraordinary with thier generosity. They may be as old as your great grandfather, or as young as your son. They come from all walks of life, and most that join the club, and participate, have a common goal; to keep motors running, and their friends riding.
The club, which is more than the sum of its members, supports a Spares Company that is the envy of all single-marque clubs. They have produced an complete, running motorbike from the parts they produce. Thus allowing you to keep your machine running.
There is a network of skilled mechanics and tradesman that will be able to help you with every aspect of your journey.
And lastly, there are the friendships that develope from the simple fact that we have this interest in this machine. I am always surprised when I find that I have so much more in common with members than just the love of Vincents.
It is never boring.
What other things can you say that about...well, baseball, I guess...
If you are interested in your Rapide, and how it eventually ended up in your shed, join the club and find out. I am positive that someone has some bits of the story to share, just ask. Besides, if you like a good story, I am sure you will get to hear one, you only have to ask.
John Romano
Brooklyn, New York
1952 Rennie Comet


Well Known and Active Website User
VOC Member
No, you do not have to join the local section, but why not. It doesn't cost anything and you would be amazed at how it can help. I have just built a Comet from the ground up and received all manner of help from my local section in the south east, whether it's bits and pieces or a moral boost when it all got to much. Something no one else has touched on is if you join the club you will also get a discount from the spares co. and a discount from Footman James insurance. As for the rallies well, we are all different but the first rally I took the Comet to I had a few problems and it was stripped down in the field and bits went to local section members houses ( in Mid Glos thank you very much) and then returned that afternoon which got me my first ride on the bike. That is what makes this club great anyone will offer help and advice. I am a relative youngster at 34 1/2.


Ken Tidswell

Well Known and Active Website User
VOC Member
the Cub is full of old bikes and old people . their collective wisdom is at your disposal, and we are all young at heart. You know nothing and we know it all. No contest,


Join the club, give it a year or two to try out, If it's not your cup of tea then you don't have to rejoin, if you have time go to a few rallies, some rallies are really good, some are not as good as others but quite good all the same.
you will meet some very interesting people, some not so interesting, people from all walks of life, you will hear fantastic stories, some hard to believe, :eek: some not, :p some pretty impossible but enthralling nonetheless.:rolleyes:
you may well make lasting friendships, if you have problems with your bike there are very knowledgeable folk in this club willing to help with advice.
Some folk say If you get involved you'll get a lot out of it.
so go on give it a go. join the club, go to your local section, meet the people, Some older than others, some younger that others....Me i'm sort of in between, go to the rallies, and most of all my friend no matter what route you take, enjoy your Vincent.:D
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Tnecniv Edipar

Well Known and Active Website User
VOC Member

I've just bought a 1951 Rapide (my first ever Vincent).

I'm not a Member of the Vincent Owners Club yet, and have come across this site by accident?

What benefits are there in joining, bearing in mind it's unlikely I'll go to any rallies?

Isn't the VOC just full of old people?

I'd appreciate any information.

Thanks - Bill

I'd like to ask u a question , what benefit would you like to have from joining the club ?

Personally I see the VOC as an integral part of owning a Vincent , without it you can't get the most from your Vinny.

Age wise , well , I dont care if I'm talking to a member of 18 or 80 , if they are interested in Vincents thats good enough for me !!

Also , you cant know the history & legend behind these fantastic machines without the scope of the clubs accumulation of knowledge & information.

I joined as soon as I aquired my Rapide and am very glad I did !!

Oh , and I just turned 40.

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