What about Mighty Mouse then, Hogslayer


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I have just seen a U Tube video of a film or something to be made about the twin engined Norton called Hogslayer. They reckon that they whooped everything it ran against, and yet, I remember a damp day at Blackbush Airport, when a certain 500cc machine did the business, getting off the line so smartly that the Yank Thing was still thinking about it. Not sure if it overhauled you Brian, but you did Vincent name proud that day.
Of course the team making the film have forgotten this, as have T.C. too. Shame ennit!


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I had understood that Christenson gave Brian a lot of help when he came over here in '78, but Brian can clarify that if necessary. The Hogslayer had gone 200 mph in the standing 1/4 mile at that time, so it was pretty potent.

Brian Chapman

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hi all
phil,s story sounds a good one,so i wont comment
tom christenson helped us at the first meet with u.s. regulations (dead man,s cord ?)etc, not a english reg at the time. his shop was near the track
i regard him as a good friend and very very good competitor,.his bike hogslayer is now in the national motor-cycle museum.
talking of help not forgeting glenn shriver and alex(R.I.P) and many others,over here and in the u.s