Wessex on ebay


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In case anyone is interested, there is a dismantled Wessex on Ebay, No.200412045375. It finishes tomorrow, Sunday, and has no bids with a start price of £50.00. It is a single seater and most of the bits appear to be there. Can`t see a suspension unit and think the fixing triangles are on the body - certainly not in the photos. My guess is that it would cost about £400 to restore and would be worth a bit more than £450 completed, so you should not lose on it.
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Wessex sidecar

Too late now, but I've had a Wessex mould for years and restored a few too. One sidecar is for sale now, and is probably the best in the country. My mould has a flanged end so that there is no mould line down the centre. Anyone want to buy it?
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