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Welcome to new forum website member, SimonFrary

Vincent H.R.D. Owners Club

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@SimonFrary - welcome to the online forum website of the Vincent H.R.D. Owners Club.

We love to know a bit more about our new members, so please take a couple of minutes to introduce yourself to the other members.

Do you have a bike?
Are you looking for a bike?
What's your interest in the marque?


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Hi, I'm a long-time lover of Vincents, I used to attend a lot of rallies in the early 80's on the back of my dads 1000.
Thanks to him I now have the opportunity to enjoy the marque for myself in the shape of a 1951 Comet, reg number MGF 415 if anyone has any history on it for me.

Recently restored, I'm still finding my way around it and gradually sorting out a few little teething niggles.

Typically, after all the great weather we've had, it now turns into a British summer...

Future plans include a 5" speedo and... well, that's about it. Use it, enjoy it and cherish it for when the time is right to pass it on to my son.

If it stops raining I'll take some pics...


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Welcome Simon, enjoy your Comet, I was looking forward to our first 'old bikes at the Old George' night today, rain stopped play. I will look out for your photo when the Sun returns. Kerry.

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