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Welcome to new forum website member, overdale

Vincent H.R.D. Owners Club

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@overdale - welcome to the online forum website of the Vincent H.R.D. Owners Club.

We love to know a bit more about our new members, so please take a couple of minutes to introduce yourself to the other members.

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I have finally got around to rebuilding my 1951 Black Shadow which has been in bits since 1971, so I will be needing some of the members expertise!
Both my best friends in the late 60s had Rapides, I bought the Shadow in rough condition, meaning to rebuild, but the normal story of girlfriend to wife, house buying, working away etc put it on the back burner, or should I say shelf in the garage!
At the moment I'm rebuilding the seat and I see there is a post from 1918 showing the seat base with stiffeners and a tubular stiffener on the foam side of the seat base. My seat had neither of these, were they a later mod and should I be adding these? If I have to make them is there a drawing or dimensions for them?
Hope someone can help


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It sounds like you should get a copy of 'Know Thy Beast' written by E. (Eddie) M,G. Stevens. It is available from the Vincent Spares Company. There are several other books/parts list available which will make your life much easier during your task. The metal parts are important and are probably available from the Spares Company. If you wish to save money and make your own then someone on here will have the dimensions.

Bill Thomas

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1971, Wow that's along time, I finished my first rebuild on my first Bike 1970,
Seems a long long time ago !.
Cheers Bill.

I did a search, This came up, Click on the top .

Chris Launders

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Do you intend to ride it solo or with a pillion at all, if taking a pillion you will probably find the seat very small, we all seem much bigger than 1950s riders so you might consider the longer seat that is now available, or like many make your own longer base and have it covered.


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Thanks to all the above, I have all the books, but missed the bit about the internal stiffeners for the seat.
The combination of all the books does give good detail of just about everything you need to know, and there are some good youtube instructions on line.
Will make the angle stiffeners and the tubular stiffener is in the post.
Regarding the longer seat, the last time my girlfriend/wife rode pillion was in about 1969 on my Ariel Huntmaster 650 twin, and she's unlikely to do so again, so I'll stick with the standard seat as I have already made the base and had the seat foam and cover, but thanks for the advice.

Graham Smith

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Great to hear you’re getting your Shadow back on the road @overdale.

Don’t forget to report back on a regular basis to let us know how you’re getting on.

It could be worth starting a thread here:


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