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Welcome to new forum website member, Augustin

Vincent H.R.D. Owners Club

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@Augustin - welcome to the online forum website of the Vincent H.R.D. Owners Club.

We love to know a bit more about our new members, so please take a couple of minutes to introduce yourself to the other members.

Do you have a bike?
Are you looking for a bike?
What's your interest in the marque?


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I'm a 70 year old enthusiast and can't remember not having a bike but alas never a Vincent .
I recently came across a bill of sale and insurance certificate dated 21/05/1960 for a used 1950 Vincent Rapide .
The registration number MNK 174 .
I'm interested to know if this bike is still around .

Simon Dinsdale

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Ref MNK 174. Unfortunately I don't have any info as to its location, also it is not recognised by the DVLA online vehicle search.

Simon Dinsdale
VOC Machine Registrar


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Sorry but there are no frame or engine numbers .
The receipt shows
Supplied by Blacknell Motors ltd. Nottingham
Selling price £118
Sales tax £ 2.12.6
Part exchange Norton registration OPH 746 £50
£1 deposit balance over 24 months .
The bike belonged to a dear friend who passed away a few years ago he was always talking about it .
It's disappointing that the Vincent isn't still on the road .
I think I will try to contact the registration district archives who issued the MNK prefix to carry out research there's a slim chance that the frame or engine number will appear in records .


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