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Wanted: Vincent HRD Road Racing Sidecar


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VOC Member
My erstwhile sidecar racing partner, who is not a VOC member, has campaigned a Triumph outfit for many years and would dearly love to upgrade to a Vincent HRD powered unit.
The opportunity exists to to retro fit a Rapide or Shadow engine into his existing outfit, or better still to purchase a complete running outfit.
Complete outfits in race ready trim here in Australia are as common as "rocking horse droppings'.
I have attached the Australian rules for period 3 outfits, which is the class of competition the outfit must be eligible for.
Minor modifications to bring one inline with our rules are not a problem.
If you have an outfit for sale or know of one anywhere in the world, please contact me using the private email function of this forum.
Kind Regards,

CYCLECARS​ Ground clearance of no less than 65mm
for the whole of the underside of the
machine (excluding wheels), measured
with the machine handlebars in the
straight ahead position, race ready with
rider and passenger on board,
Left Hand & Right Hand sidecars may
compete against each other in Historic
Road Racing.​

16.8.2 Period 3​ The height to the top bearing of the
steering head must be at least 710mm
(28”) unladen. Wheel rim diameters of at least:
a) Front 16” (406mm),
b) Rear 13” (330mm),
c) Sidecar 10” (254mm). Wheel rim widths of no more than:
a) Front 3” (76mm),
b) Rear 4.5” (115mm),
c) Sidecar 4” (102mm). Tyre outside diameters must be at least
22” (560mm) front and rear. Oval or rectangular number plates. Front and rear Brakes:
a) Manufactured in the period,
b) Which replicate those manufactured
in the period,
c) Sidecar wheel brake prohibited,
d) Linking of brakes is prohibited,
e) Front brakes are to be hand
controlled and rear brakes are to be​
foot controlled.
16.9.1 Period 3​ Sidecar kneelers. Non-motorcycle engines and
transmissions, except where originally​
tted. Disc brakes.


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