VOC spares Shadow - Dunedin Musem NZ S. Island - Fastest Indian

david bowen

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The museum in Nelson NZ which owned this bike and many other Vincents and other make of bikes has been sold with all contents to a museum in Dunedin NZ South island a short distance from where The worlds fastest Indian lives. The NZ Vincent owners club are having there rally this year at Masterton April 7/8/ and I have been told there will be 2 Series A twins there.

Marcus Bowden

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Harvey is returning 2nd April from Melbourne (to participate in the London Marathon) & I'm currently trying to find a way to NZ with one or two "A" Raps depends if it's better better price wise and keeping them together, I let anyone ride mine & I'm sure Harvey will let me ride his, but his only starts with the "Robert Watson" method.
The Tassie Tour is from 19th to 30th March so only have 7 days to get to NZ with one or two bikes. Any suggestions gratefully received .