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Vincents in trials?

Trev Birkbeck

Forum Website User
VOC Member
Just completed the Beamish TT on my Norton 500T, had a great day, great fun assisted by stunning weather, mind.
I thought it would be good to do up one of my Comets to enter the Beamish next year. Looked around my various books and found one pic of George Brown on a Comet, but not any more.
Does anyone have access to any pictures or details of spec to help me put bike into the right state for this event?

david bowen

Well Known and Active Forum Website User
Non-VOC Member
trails comets

there were 3 made at the works look at Paul Richardson book third edition page 18 and you will see a good picture of one David

Prosper Keating

Well Known and Active Forum Website User
Non-VOC Member
There was a fellow who used to compete in the Talmag with a Comet, whose oil tank served as the petrol tank, with a remote oil tank elsewhere. I may have a snapshot of him somewhere. But this was definitely one man's 'special' rather than an official or semi-official machine like the one campaigned by George Brown.



Non Works trials comets

The petro tankless Comet is/was owned by Ron Chandler who lives in Hampshire. I have his telephone number
My old mate Colin Manning rode in the Arbuthnot and local to Salisbury club trials. Colin is currently uncontactable, but may well arrive at the South West rally next week end. I also have his number should any one wish to contact these folks. Both, I'm sure have plenty of photographs. Colin's machine, I think, was featured in MPH some years ago.
Phil Primmer

Trev Birkbeck

Forum Website User
VOC Member
Trev's plan to trial a Comet

Thanks everybody for your useful and helpful comments.
I also got some references of MPH's with articles from Bill Thomas, none of which I have but will try and borrow locally.

It would be good to have Ron Chandler's and Colin Manning's phone numbers so that I could chat to them about this project.
If you don't think the numbers should go out on the forum, perhaps you could email them to me on trev.birkbeck@virgin.net or text them to my mobile 07836 342312.



Well Known and Active Forum Website User
VOC Member
Speak to Ian Savage he was building a replica outfit I have a trials comet outfit I have used in the MCC Trials pulls like a train


Well Known and Active Forum Website User
VOC Member
trial outfit

As a sidecarjunkie I am very interested in a Comet trial outfit. Can I see pictures of it somewhere?
In my hometown there are several people with nortons and ariels in vintage trial, but none of them ever used a sidecar. Like to know more about it.
I have done some sidecar cross a long long time ago with a much too heavy guzzi v-twin and a few years sidecar racing with vincents and triumphs.
The noble sport of trials is unexplored territory for me.



Well Known and Active Forum Website User
VOC Member
There was a picture on the front of MPH a few years ago I will try and dig some out and put on the photos on this site.
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