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FT: Frame (Twin) Vincent wheel balance weights for show quality restoration - FT182


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VOC Member
Where and who supplies original style Vincent lead wheel weights?
FT182 balance weight - 2oz
FT182/1 balance weight - 3oz
FT183/2 balance weight - 6oz
FT182/3 balance weight - 7oz
i am not looking to just get the job done, i need well produced, original style wheel weights.
Craig FT182BalanceWeights2.jpg


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Altho other materials would do, you cant beat the look of utilitarian lead as a wheel balance weight FT182 on a vintage Vincent.
Plus lead is so easy to work with as a raw material.

Len Matthews

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An alternative is to make some from stainless. Stainless is about 70% the density of lead, so they only need to be a bit bigger.

That's what I did,I piled lots of old nuts on the studs to balance the wheel, weighed them on the wife's kitchen scales then turned off some S/S round bar to the same weight. Job done. Incidently, a brand new Avon 300x20 Speedmaster needed a lot of weight to correct the unbalance-anyone else come across this?
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