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Howdy Chaps,

As colder weather descends upon some parts of the globe and virtual Vin riding becomes preferable to the now frigid actual version how bout some videos?

Seeing that a rock band is making it somewhat more difficult to locate motorcycle related info with Internet search engines these days, I've expanded my site in the sig below to include links to playlists I've compiled at my channel on youtube. If you scan down to Peter's Vincent Play List Library and hit the drop down list, you'll see what's already available for your viewing pleasure.

Clicking Vincent will reveal a selection of about 85 videos, one of which I recommend for it's superb sound quality (no wind to speak of) is Running 1950 Vincent Comet by enricmadalena. Also enjoyable are the VOC French Rally 2009 parts 1 through 3 which were rather obscure and just now found.

Also in the works as the above playlists can only accommodate videos hosted on youtube is a portal I'm manually creating for videos hosted elsewhere that jtanner's and VOC'rs have provided.