Vincent UK Registration Numbers - DVLA Tips


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I expect most now know of and use the above link to the DVLA web site, to search for info on a particular Vincent bike.

First you need all [or most - see later] of the

Then the list of 'Vehicle Make' does not include 'Vincent' so you have to click on 'Other', which is cleverly located right at the end of the list.

Then enter 'VINCENT' then click on 'SUBMIT'.

If lucky you will see some information for the bike in question.

If not, the bike may have been scrapped, exported etc.

BUT do not despair.

Have another search, this time using "VINCENT HRD".
This will sometimes work, for example with a 1949 model.

As far as I can tell, "VINCENTHRD" does not work, though it is always worth a try.
You never know what clerical errors have been made at data entry.

And "HRD" may work for a post WW2 bike, even if it shouldn't.


If only part of the is known - say ABC12?, then with enough patience you can keep searching for ABC121, ABC122, ABC123 etc through to ABC129.
You might get lucky.
But it helps if you 'know' that there are 6 characters in the and that the missing character is a number.
A good understanding of the format of reg.nos. for the various years is a help.
For this, there are various web sites e.g.,_Crown_dependencies_and_overseas_territories

Of course it is easier to use this dodge for missing numbers [ 0 thru 9 ] - 10 characters, compared with searching for a missing letter [ A thru Z ] - 26 characters.
But patience is sometimes rewarded.

I expect other people have developed their own tricks and dodges.