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Vincent sales add on 10% plus storage


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Recent Vincent sales add on 10% fee

Reduce price by 10% + storage if selling. Such was the 1954 Vincent Series C V-twin Rapide in H&H’s inaugural Duxford Imperial War Museum motorcycle and bicycle sale of October 10. Though apparently only lacking the dynamo drive cover, it nevertheless was in need of a total restoration, yet was so stunningly original and unmolested that it made £18,700!

Also on offer was a 1952 Vincent Rapide rolling chassis and this too attracted considerable interest, eventually changing hands for £8,250. The complete and very pretty single-cylinder 1950 Vincent Comet was on the money at £8,800 – further proof, if proof were needed, that buyers generally want either good restoration projects or nicely restored/maintained examples. Anything in between is likely to be harder to sell these days. That said, there is always demand for something rare and special and the 2006 Godet-Vincent Black Shadow made £23,650
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10% + storage

to buy a rapid rolling chassis in very grotty condition for £8,500 to me seems silly when you could have nice looking vomet for £8,800 remove engine gearbox and ancileries sell for £3,000 and your left with a cheap rolling chassis to put your twin engine in or perhaps iv'e mist the plot somewhere.
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