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Vincent rod options 2012


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I am fitting new Carillo rods (part number VN-998<-07250N) to a Vincent twin, but would like to know the options for big end bearings at this time in 2012.
I have been advised that segmented big end rollers would be best, but as I shop around, only single, full width rollers appear to be available.
Any advice/suggestions on this?
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chankly bore

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I would just send the rod to Alpha Bearings Ltd. in the U.K. and say please fit and size a big-end to whatever size you have in your flywheels. (Assuming the holes there are round and parallel of course!). If you hoe your own row, so to speak, make sure you size the big-end eye accurately after fitting. You may want to re-balance the whole plot as well. Do some reading before you commit to any course, of course.
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Big Sid

On big end bearings , types , Makers . We have use for several years German made INA caged big ends . Steel cages with long slim rollers , one per groove . These endure high revs easily and offer a long life . I think that they were used in every Terry Prince new flywheel assembly . Many racing Vincent's today use them . Sid .


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I do not know why the segmented bearing would be considered better. I get my big ends and bearings from Maughan. When INA stopped making the Vincent sizes Maughan switched to IKO, which I have been running in the racer. Both Carleton and I have used Alpha, but we had too many problems with them to continue using them. I do not know if Maughan still supplies IKO, but they will make the pin to fit the flywheels and they seem to have always supplied high quality parts. I use Carillo rods also except for racing, the small end in the Carillo is a little tight. I now specify it a half thou larger and there is no bluing on the wrist pin.

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