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Vincent Restore


New Forum Website User
Non-VOC Member

Can anyone assist me.

I am interested in attempting to restore an old vincent series C Black Shadow.
At the moment I don't have the Vincent or any bits.
Can anyone give me a pointer on where to source the main components? or is it a case of finding bits in classic shows ?

I'm just starting and understand that this will take time - any pointers would be great.




Well Known and Active Forum Website User
VOC Member
Hi Tony

Either join the VOC and go to the local section meetings, where they should be able to tell you what you'll need, all the new spares outlets, and possibly know the whereabouts of reasonably priced bikes and parts OR take out a second mortgage and look on ebay, auto jumbles, auctions.

If you find an extra Comet surplus to requirements give me a ring.


jim burgess

Well Known and Active Forum Website User
Non-VOC Member
Join the club, you can buy all the parts new from the spares company, budget on £33,000, which will still be cheaper than second hand... or buy a comet and build a new twin motor or do the really decent thing, build a norvin, but first, join the club....
It took me 20 years, a lot of serching and £15000 to build 1 shadow and one norvin, be warned, the shadow engine cost £550 in 1981!
Jim Burgess

Bill Thomas

Well Known and Active Forum Website User
VOC Member
Hello Tony, You don't tell us your age, Or how much money you want to spend, I don't want to kill your dream, God knows I am a dreamer, But you sound like you want to start at the TOP !!. Like Jim says, A comet would be a better bet, There are more Rapides than Shadows, And there is not much differance, Rap' to Shadow. Howard is right, Join the club, Get to know some of the blokes, You would be better off getting a whole bike to do up, But it won't be cheap !! Buying in small parts will cost even More, Just look on ebay. A lot of us are getting to an age when we can't ride anymore, I went out for an hour on sunday, And it was hard work !!. What ever you do Good Luck, Bill.


Well Known and Active Forum Website User
VOC Member
All good advice here. If you are a wage earner then save, save and save. If you are self employed then talk to your accountant. I bought my first Vincent in 1985 ( a comet) for $£1,500. My next purchase was a B Rapide in 2001. The Series A came in 2005. 20 years of saving and dedication added to frustration, anguish, joy and great friends. A great club.

Black Flash

Well Known and Active Forum Website User
VOC Member
it took me 20 years to find a Shadow I could afford, but I also have two Comets one 600 and one 676 bored and stroked which I gave to my good old friend Jack Barker to ride. You can make a Comet really fast and it is easy to change to a later Norton box. Then they are just as much fun and easier to get hold of.
One of my Comets was a real bitsa and I can tell you from experience that when it comes to hunting for parts at an affordable price, then ten years go by in no time at all. If you want to fulfill your dream and ride the bike, then look for a complete second hand one if there is any chance you can afford one.
As much as I like tinkering / building the bikes the fun riding them is even bigger. get a complete one if you can, try to use it. If the bike needs an extensive rebuilt, breathe heavily, save up money and give the job to a specialist. At least you know you have all the parts you need and it is just money that stops you from riding. It took me 5 year to find a RFM ( they are now available new) and despite having the money to pay for it, I could not proceed with the bike as the was none on offer.
you pick your choice, but I would definately go for a complete bike.

P.S. Apart from the wonderful black paint there is hardly any difference between a Shadow and a Rapide. When an engine rebuilt is needed you are likely to end up with a Shadow anyway and then it is just the carbs you need to change.
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