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Vincent prices


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VOC Member
Don't know about the two that are shown as sold, might be bait for the naive, however if the prices are firm they will probably still have them all for sale in ten years time.
I don't see the next generation of riders being quite so enthusiastic with their wallets or willing to struggle with oil leaks,kickstarting , and sub 100 hp motorcycles that will not do stoppies .
Even though they do not know what they are missing!

Martyn Goodwin

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VOC Member
Current Australian Prices. A non running non-matching numbers 52' Rapide is up for sale for A$45,000. A tired but running, matching numbers 51' Rapide is also for sale - asking price is A$60,000. There are real bikes - real sales - but way way to rich for this rabbit!

greg brillus

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VOC Member
Hi Martyn, thats only because the lunatics that own these bikes want way too much money for what they are offering. The bitsa Rap is worth 35k at most given it needs a total rebuild (yes i have seen pics of it). It's one thing to pay good dollars for a known high end machine with much in it's favour, but many end up paying way too much for machines that are what i would class as LEMONS with much money to be spent to bring them up to any roadworthy standard. This is where the learner buyer can get sucked in to a bad deal.......I hate to say it but i have seen it too many times. This is a problem with many collectable machines not just our beloved Vincent/HRD's. I think the average person out there wouldn't know the difference, but we as dedicated and therefore passionate affictionados of the mark do not take it lightly. Cheers......Greg.


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A nice strong C Rapide is for sale in NSW. Matching RFM and engine numbers. Headstem and possibly UFM replaced many, many years ago. AUD$55K. Real bike. Real price.
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