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Vincent Oils .....


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..... again, sorry.

From the website ...


I have just contacted the Castrol technical service "info@classicoils.co.uk" and:

"The current Castrol recommendation for both engine and gearbox is Castrol Classic XXL40".

For anyone in the UK - near Cambridge - your nearest stockist may be the MG Owners Club in Swavesey, they do Mail Order, Tel no 01954 230928. Nice people.

I hope that this helps someone.
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Comet Rider

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Castrol oils in Cambridge

Also available fron Haywards Royal Enfield supplier and Vincent Owner. David Stanley is an all round good egg.:D


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Otherwise known as `How to wear your Vincent out faster`

EP 90 in the gearbox. 10-40 Diesel in the engine. I prefer 10-30 in the engine.
Burman boxes are different.

Tom Gaynor

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I use Rimula 40 (highly detergent diesel oil) in the engine, ATF in the gearbox. Next time I'll buy Rimula 0-30 for the engine. I use Mobil1 0-40 in the chaincase to combat clutch stick from cold with a fully wet modern clutch.

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