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Hello Sonny

The international rally will take place in September 2011 and will travel from NewYork state to Pennsylvania.

It is not VOC policy to publish the precise details of events in the public sections of the forum. Mainly for security and liability reasons, rally entry is restricted to VOC members.

If you would like to join the club then you can do so HERE

I hope that this helps.

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With the greatest of respect Sonny, if you joined the Vincent HRD Owners Club, you would find out. In this country, the U.K. we have a policy of not giving entrance to International rallies to non members. I wish that all member countries would do the same as it is not fair on those that have had to shell out loads of money to attend, and see gate crashers pouring in and enjoying the benefits laid on, for free. I am sure that you understand!! Phil Primmer who plays by the rules.


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Phil, I reckon that there would be hell to pay if non members were allowed to attend an International. I was besieged with requests for "discount temporary VOC membership" when I was organising the 2007 International. The vast majority came from Victorian non members who had been in the section for years. Didn't make me popular but did boost the VOC membership for a year!...