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Vincent Fairings


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Riding over the hills around Buxton earlier pondering all the mysteries of life, like, why had I left my balaclava and heated gloves at home, it occurred to me that very few Vincents have fairings.

Is it because they hide that beautiful engine, or is it just that no one ever made one suitable?

Any thoughts?


ps Ian, I have noticed the Ds have fairings, so no smug answers please. :)
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Are you referring to full fairings? There are several handlebar fairings shown in Photographic Miscellany, plus full fairings on p. 81, 103& 200. Also, VinnyLonglegs had a frame-mounted fairing. But, you are right, not many.


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There are quite a few around, including dustbins and Avonaires. The main problem with fitting a fairing to a Vincent, is that you will need to alter the position of the handlebars, given that now you have no wind to keep your body pushed back. A good 300 mile trip will bring that known to you, and believe me, it hurts.


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"My how I get jumped on" and I hadn't even commented. A good friend of mine (ET43) delivered this item to my house. The seller, a member of my section collected it from me but has now sold both his twin and his Comet so offers ebay item.


Phil told me that Mark Goodson found his one better than the D or his modern bike fairings. I now own the very fairing that Mark had but have not yet ridden behind it.

This item sold in auction this week is fitted with an original Avonaire - http://www.bonhams.com/auctions/20147/lot/425/


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Phil also had my DMD fairing which he used to make a plug for a very technical Dustbin fairing for his Red Thruster. The bike overheated when he rode it, possibly co-incidentally and he sold the fairing to Roger Clark who now has it on his Shadow outfit. Can anyone post a photo?
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