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UFM six more tapping job 3 1/4 bsf 2 1/4 bsp 1 3/8 bsp next fit bearing cups top and bottom small thread jig for this, then put ufm on to the two head brackets FT3 fixed to the bench putting in two bolts to hold, put on transfer and grease nipple finger into the grease a gain put plenty into top cup of ufm and into the bottom cone of brampton forks put 20 1/4 balls in top race and 20 1/4 balls in to bottom cone then push steering column up into head stem pull fork top link over column tap down with soft hammer then tread chrome head nut on to the column and tighten as hard as possible move back and forward a few times then put pinch bolt in and tighten (if you find the forks will not turn back and forward you know that you have dropped a ball down the inside of the column it some times falls out under the front head bracket if not pull the forks out and start a gain be carefull next time) fit balance beam, mudguard brackets, head lamp stays put head lamp on these came from Millers complete with loom and dip switch the boxes were marked 8 inch or 7 inch not many 7 inch never saw any other size most of the 7 inch were put on black shadows then fit handle bars and levers Job done good night Somer
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