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Vincent Factory

david bowen

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Wheel rims all standard rims came complete chrome , painted and lined from Dunlops size 300x21 300x20 350x19 400x18 racing rims 300x21 300x20 350x 20 same other makes racing rims were bought in on customers order next place rim into a horizontal 3 jaw lathe type chuck mounted on a single column 3 inch shaft with a axle in the centre place rim in chuck nip up softly, place wheel hub on centre axle thread nipples to 20 spokes all most to the end of thread put spade end through rim in the direction of the wheel drilling top spoke between drum and flange pointing down the next spoke same way on to the top of bottom flange pointing down do the other 18 same way pull tight with your hand then put a spoke the other direction through the rim put nipple on and tighten up this will keep the spokes tight turn wheel and hub over then put other 19 spokes through the rim and put on nipples and tighten up with your pump screw driver job done this will take you about 1 hour the two normans would took 15 minutes. after 50 wheels I could do this in about twenty minutes, after this the wheels were put on to the trueing Jig there was three of these place wheel into centres two rollers went on the the side of the rim attached to a pointer that went in to what looked like a large gun site with two wires across the site the game was trying to keep the pointer in the centre of the sight when trueing the wheel first you tighten up the spokes with a key you held between you fingers just nip up tight spin wheel holding the key on the spokes when the tune was the same all round you then started to true the wheel then turn wheel a round in the jig the pointer should be in the middle of the site if not you have to undo on side spokes and tighten other to get the rim dead centre all Vincent wheels are center, hope you have got it,I rebuilt two wheels last week and it did take me a week Good Night
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david bowen

Well Known and Active Forum Website User
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alignment rig

Yes Bob Culver has one, I do my wheels in a vice with a shaft and alloy made pointer makes life simple,
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