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Vincent factory

david bowen

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on the move again this time to the wheel building section to join the two Normans (Peach and cooper) first job cleaning the back of the brake drums tha area that has contact with the spoke flange if paint runs are left there the drums will run out of true then put a load of wheel hubs in to the gas oven when you sprayed a few drops of water on them when the water run a round in circles they were ready gloves on drop in to each hub the bearing outer races you have one go at this or else you have to tap them home with a drift assemble axle shaft and bearings in to the hubs making sure you have the same amount of shims each end when you have 3 thou end float there was a jig for this with a clock gauge do this dry also use two dummy spacers each end same thickness as brake plates then put on to hubs spoke flanges and brake drums dont forget the brake drums with the holes for the chain sprocket on the rear later all plain drums were all drilled, do not bolt hubs up tight until you know the spoke flange end will go between the spoke flange and brake drum ,
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