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todays dose damper knobs the insert is hard steel 1/4 bsf only re tap with plug tap you got it? a taper tap james lost one tap another box full of bearing and brake torque arm 1/4 bsf early slide springs had rotating ends later fixed RFM putting in bearings they was a jig for this but if you forget to put in first.F42/1 dust washer first you need to be friendly with the welder knocking out the race makes a bloody mess assemble bearings and F32/2 axle make sure same amount of shins each end no end float just turn with fingers very stiff , fit rear stand , brake torque arms 3/8 CEI seat stays then lifting stay (handle) with mudgard stays then chain guard Job done the fitting of mud guards was done by two guys thats all they did Jack Bailey the other guy John ? they were told by foreman which guards to fit as he had the only build sheet.
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